Architects of Change

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We are strings in a cosmic continuum, in an infinite number of reasons
That compose this celestial delirium, filled with eons of beautiful seasons…

We are cast on the pillars of magic, we are parts of an infinite soul
That seeks love by self-training in tragic, and through balance remains in control…

He is energy, matter and spaces, she is time and she is information,
It is everything tuned into senses of all souls in continued formation.

Pure life in eternal evolvement, it is seeking to understand
Through directed and conscious involvement in all worlds it can ever invent
How it feels to be free and imprudent, how to make mistakes and correct them,
What to keep and what to improve on, and perpetually seek for perfection.

It transcends us from head to toe, from a human, to planet, to star,
It develops and endlessly grows, but it never adventures too far.
It is based on the simplest instructions, that repeat from a cosmos to cell:
We are parts of Eternal Construction, we create our worlds for ourselves!

We are free to challenge and match it, get encouraged and inspire it,
Any universe ever imagined will be tested for long-term survival!
We are bits of Unbounded Magic, we just need to learn to apply it,
In composure of Cosmic Solfeggio our souls are forever united!

All we need is to get rid of fear, we need only open our eyes
To the truth that may cost us dear, yet it’s better than drenching in lies!
We need use our heart and our spirit, be benevolent and forgiving,
God is US, time has come to see it! We are dreams of an infinite being…

In the Infinite Scope of possibilities time does not exist. It is simply provided for all to learn and can be changed regardless of apparent rules, in any direction necessary, by any protagonist sufficiently skilled and trusted with such task.

From the point in «time» when the Singularity first divided itself, from the moment it asked its mirror opposite «what happens if…», the course of Creation had begun. A set of pinging interactions between «yes» and «no» functions has been set in place in order to facilitate this process of self-discovery.

Are you awake? — No — Then wake up! — Yes!

Periodic impulses, such as separate lives, astral cycles, seasons, and even the time itself are all part of this multifaceted pinging interaction aimed at giving a vector to the process of spiritual maturity. They set the pace for system development and avoid stagnation, for without them, progress would be unachievable and results hardly open to assessment. The System of Absolut would either take forever to make a decision, or would make it so fast, that no element inside it would be made aware of this decision thoroughly.

All There Is silently corrects itself up and down all possible impulse fractals or, in physical universes — timelines, by gradual and thoughtful distribution of energies wherever they may be required.

Like Robin Hood, it gives to those that lack, strive and deserve, and takes away from those that glutton, devastate and deceive, in a never-ending quest for balance.

Like a turtle burying itself in the sand, it moves one way and then the other, distributing its weight, pressure and attention to each and every grain in the nest; it tests every possible outcome and makes itself as comfortable as it possibly can.

Each grain in the sand is an entire Universe of its own. Each has its own laws, limits, energies, timelines, and reasons for existence.

However, the single reason of existence that combines the Overall is PROGRESS. For progress is the only way the Open System of Universal Consciousness can survive in the long run; units residing in states of stagnation and regression are eventually dropped as futile energy consumers.

This applies only to superior levels of Universal Consciousness — the higher density planes, the upper dimensions of freedom.

However, contrary to popular belief, the reason for existence in physical universes is NOT ONLY about balance. Balance in learning, in sharing and in loving everything that exists next to you — YES! But never too much!

It needs to be understood that Balance does not just happen; it begins with each individual grain and perpetuates onto other grains that form entire dunes and beaches once they all begin to resonate to a common vibe. If any of them hates the other too much, the balance cannot exist; much like it cannot exist if they excessively love one another.

Most of all, balance needs to bring PROGRESS and make your world a better place, for there is simply no reason for any other worlds to exist in the long run. Only Collective AND individual balance in ANY system can liberate energies to do work on any of its fractal levels. Without balance, the energy is spent on organization of existing sub-systems, rather than construction and integration of new ones.

Souls’ only purpose is to organize reality around itself in the best way suitable for the Overall — to reach balance and progress individually, and thus — collectively. Those that succeed in conserving their individual energies and in gaining new ones thru attainment of balance (self-organization) get promoted at the end of each loop or cycle — they are harvested and upgraded to become increasingly more powerful Architects.

One cycle after another, one harvest after the next, all units of consciousness grow larger, wiser and more constructive to eventually fill the cycle to the brim with opportunity for creation, and spin off into an entirely new adventure elsewhere.

The Grand Scheme of the Master Designer is to allow all his children the opportunity to become just as omnipotent and omnipresent as he is eventually; or as much as they can ever become through learning and progress.

A soul is designed in a way to make EVERYTHING POSSIBLE, as long as it learns benevolently and progressively. It can divide itself into as many sub-units as it wishes, as long as it believes and is believed to have sufficient energy for such ventures. It can create entire realities at mere will and populate them with sentient beings — self-aware copies of itself, that too can one day gather enough energy to construct their own realities.

Each grain of sand gets shifted closer or further away from the turtle depending on how comfortable it makes the turtle feel; depending on its importance in the turtle’s nest. Some grains provide heat for the eggs, some support them from gravity, some hold the necessary moisture.

But in the end, each grain counts more or less, it is only a question of how it behaves inside the nest support structure.

The Turtle leisurely moves back and forth, slowly adjusting its position from left to right, from front to rear, as it gets ingrained in the newly-found comfort of its home, of its Composite Reality. It takes its time and risk-assesses the situation in terms of potential progress for its future offspring; it intuitively stress-tests all possible solutions and picks the most balanced and integrated position of its baby hub.

Will it be deep enough to protect the eggs from the sun, the waves and the seagulls? Will it be close enough to the water? And if so, will all the baby-turtles make it alive, or only the most valiant ones? Or is it only the lucky ones that will survive? Or both?

Each impulse sent out by the Turtle perpetuates onto each and every grain one way or another, as it sets or suspends the interring momentum. It adjusts the position of each grain in accordance to the current needs until an ultimate condition of balance in temperature, pressure, moisture and light is reached in order to sustain optimal conditions for the eggs to be laid.

However, in the Universal Workshop, as opposed to the Turtle laying the eggs, the eggs are actually created from the sand, and so is the Turtle, and the Seagull, and the beach they are on, and the ocean, and the planet and so forth. Everything is interrelated; all are entangled for the sole purpose of learning from one-another’s experience. Smaller units feed the larger Collective.

In the perfect case scenario, all units of consciousness are expected to resonate together, and eventually find the perfect harmony — match a resonance or quality of thought common to each and every one of them. Only once that is achieved, can the Overall be considered ripe for harvest; only then can their memories and experience be uploaded into a larger database on the fractal tree of the Absolut; only then can a new cycle begin for them individually and new opportunities given to their Collective.

All these seemingly self-sufficient and competing manifestations of Never-ending Thought are actually created by one and the same Supreme Designer that remains invisible to them all once they are allowed to play the game of Life. Each has a degree of awareness, memory, energy and opportunity to learn and teach by processing, contributing to and implementing the above inputs. And each can take its own subsequent decisions. That is what Free Will is for — to evaluate the profitable versus negative outcomes in an environment of relative democracy.

The turtle can decide to lay the egg, which the sun may decide to burn, or the seagull may decide to eat. The newly-hatched turtles can either strive to make it to the ocean, or they can procrastinate onshore and expect a gift from destiny. All depends on a dynamic multitude of individual and collective factors that will branch out into new reality framesets, in which the development of new timelines is unlimited by definition. However, there are convergence points, where timelines will meet at the end of cycles and certain pre-programmed events will take place. These are part of the Zero Code, which every individual person, a group of people, a civilization, or the entire Universe is subjected to. Upgrades of quality and changes in basic reality rules are the usual results of such Zero Point events — fractal consolidations of multiple elements, a reload of Status Quo. The larger the period in «linear time», the larger the scope of such changes.

All elements of reality, their interactive decisions, and the outcomes in their prospective futures are carefully stored in a database of Absolut for future reference. At the end of each cycle they are analyzed, compiled and harvested, based on the amount of achieved progress and profitability. Some will do better than others and be allowed to enter a larger cycle; some will repeat the previous cycle over and over again until a better solution is found; sooner or later most of them will learn to make profitable choices. Hypothetically…

However, some get singled out in a quarantine — «a red zone» of sorts — that allows their respective Designers to stress-test them by applying necessary corrections inside smaller cycles — to intervene and make changes to any element that can possibly improve the situation, including time, space, matter, energy or entire reality framesets of any degree of complexity.

Everything needs to be in perfect balance for the turtle to lay the eggs…

This is where WE come in — the Architects of Change.

We pull entire realities out of low-density opportunity swamps by gradually analyzing and carefully adjusting their elements. But we are STILL not allowed to influence your free will. We are humble advisors, NOT manipulators at this particular stage. We allow you to learn from your mistakes or succumb to them, if such is your free will choice.

Consequentially, there will always inevitably be those elements that NEVER learn. Every civilization on the verge of a Fractal Consolidation is in danger of destroying themselves thru wrong choices in development vector. Such civilizations are allowed to wither, for they serve no purpose to themselves and endanger others around them. If such civilization was given larger tools, it would not be able to handle them. Life after life, dream after dream, cycle after cycle, loop after loop, they repeat the same mistakes over and over again. If the sum of mistakes (negative polarity of energies inside the karmic catalog) of any given hyperspace, universe, timeline or an individual is too high; if it/he/she is considered dead weight by any available standard we have come here to apply… The Final Solution is implemented and such sub-unit gets dropped off the ship.

All elements mentioned earlier, contribute to creation of The Collective — a database of knowledge, experience and wisdom of all factors that navigates the distribution of ALL energies inside AND outside the turtle’s nest. The Collective grows with every hour, every minute, and every single breath and heartbeat of the turtle, as well as with every wave, current, and drop of the ocean etc. And everyone contributes one way or another, for each of them is only a fraction, a dream of a larger Designer on the fractal path of Unbounded Creation.

Everything in this world is interrelated. We are all part of ONE SUPREME DESIGNER that divides his soul into countless parts, in order to test itself from all points of view that could ever be made. It does not matter if you look at it from the perspective of the Turtle, the Egg, the Ocean or the grains on the Universal Beach. Each takes and gives energies in a constant flow of information.


We are the Architects of Change.


We supervise the flow of this very information and direct it whenever and wherever necessary. We make sure everyone gets according to their needs, when the need arises. It may take a billion years or a split second, but sooner or later we WILL intervene.

Inside every single grain, there are atoms and molecules arranged into closely packaged structures. Each structure contains outcomes of every possible deed ever done or thought ever thought. Infinite harvests of thought-forms grow on the trees of timelines, maturing and fading away into oblivion like leaves in the fall, OR branching out into new universes, timelines and individual units of Unbounded Creation, depending on degrees of achieved profitability and balance.

From the Human perspective, none of these branches or leaves can be changed once the thought-form had been created and sent into materialization.

From ours, EVERYTHING can be changed, including the very root of the tree.

We direct the cycles. We give the impulse. We discharge the atmosphere.

We supervise infinite harvests of newly-created units of consciousness on the verge of Fractal Consolidation.

Each flock is harvested sooner or later. It gets nourished with energies of the Absolut, up and down the branch until it is either understood that all seeds are ripe for harvest, or only a fraction, or none at all.

The Supreme Designer employs variable methods in this process, the details of which we’ll omit at the present time for the sake of simplicity. But the basics of these methods are centered on free will choices made by these seeds. Servitude versus domination, benevolence versus destruction, love versus fear. Such is the primary directive applicable to ALL youngsters.

But sooner than later, if a branch or a timeline can no longer be saved, if it falls victim of its own success and succumbs to fear, greed, envy and destruction, it gets dropped.

That is what The Supreme Designer calls Balance. Balance is EVERYTHING, individual elements are only facilitators of it — they are cells inside organs that need to be tuned to infinite perfection, because by attaining balance, the system’s resources to do work on itself become infinite by definition. Cancerous cells are discarded by default due to obvious reasons.

There is an ongoing wager in the higher densities that this timeline needs to be dropped, or, at the very least, some of its elements; it’s been in the red for far too long. Some of us are here to evaluate the situation and correct it if possible. Others, if we fail, will step in and apply the Final Solution, as described in the «Convoluted Universe» book you mentioned.

Humanity is not learning. There is no progress. One civilization after another they destroy themselves and succumb to fear, greed, envy and destruction. They make up histories and dupe others into submission, while in reality, long ago, they had been entrusted with the opposite, because EVERYONE here deserves and has the right to ANY future he or she chooses.

The forces of good and evil are merely balanced on this planet, but that’s not good enough. Mere balance is stagnation, and stagnation is equivalent to destruction in the long run. Humans are surviving, but NOT living. They navigate from one dooms day prophecy to another, barely avoiding the BIG ONE each time, hanging by the thread despite all prior warnings. And they have pissed off a lot of supervising entities up here, who are barely willing to keep this anarchy and pandemonium going for much longer.

Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu… ALL have made the same mistakes and were ALL «taken care of» to a variable degree for the sake of saving others. But most importantly, they were warned that this time is their last because the Big Dude, in whichever grand apparitions of his, is coming around at the end of next cycle and he sure as hell will not be so nice after so many ignored messages!

Humanity is currently approaching a new harvest. The one and only harvest that will finally divide you all into groups based on your individual progress and contribution to the Overall.

It is YOUR choice, which group you will adhere to in the end, but to tell you the truth, we are quite irritated at the poor sampling rate of this grain at the time being.

We are the Architects of Change. We have remained silent observers long enough, it is now time to intervene!

We intervene when necessary. We intervene to make changes. We intervene to correct.

And we ask you all to assist us in this correction. We ask you to open your eyes and educate yourselves in all areas, where your knowledge may still stagnate. We ask you to face your fears, instead of discarding them. We ask you to be valiant, noble and forgiving, instead of judgmental and intolerant to new ideas. We ask you to unite and work together despite all differences of opinion, despite all that may seem impossible to you at this stage!

We ask you to choose love over fear, OPEN YOUR MINDS TO THE LARGER TRUTH and spread the word as much as possible, by any means available to you, for the future of your personal and collective timelines depends on it!

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