Global Predictor. Chapter 30. Ascension

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As library outlines faded into darkness, Carven found himself on an open terrace, staring down at a giant city beneath. The enormous estate behind him was now immersed in greenery and packed with marble statues, trees trimmed into abstract animal figures, oversized vases filled with decorative glass beads, and massive ceramic pots with blooming exotic flowers. A small playground furnished with swing sets and a sandpit hid in the shadows of centurion pine trees.

Cluttered city tiles below floated for miles into the tainted skyline. Split by streams and rivers of stirring lights,  they grabbed onto remote tips of darkness and drowned in indiscernible ocean far beyond the horizon.

Thousands of villas, condos and apartment blocks lay scattered in the valley.  Two skyscraper clusters stood tall and proud in the middle of this giant lagoon of alien suburbia, resembling a magic glowing carpet in Wonderland South-Central.

South Central… That notion stuck in his mind for a moment, only to reinforce the feeling of being home again.

«Los Angeles!» he diffused «The Hills!» Tristan had spent his youth up here and remembered the panorama well. However, he had a hard time understanding why this was shown to him now in such burlesque array of visions that switched directly from Xibalba and into his immediate past. The significance of it all remained unclear at this point…

«Shhhhhh» Victoria whispered somewhere nearby «wait for the vision to populate«

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The pure and simple truth. Global predictor

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Every major event in Human history has several fractal levels of truth and reason behind it.

Take 911, for instance.

Most people will have a hard time accepting the fact that it was an insider job, executed for the same reasons that Hitler burned the Reichstag in 1933 — to stir the public opinion and seize power in an atmosphere of chaos and fear. This is because 80% of world’s population get their news from centralized media agencies run by the very same cartels and people that orchestrated the event in the first place. Pre-programmed patriotism, lack of interest, materialism, and arrogant ignorance complete their picture of reality with long somber strokes.

From the point of view of the System, these people constitute the Herd — the very foundation and majority of our society today, or at least that’s how the system treats them.  The working class, the middle class, and the lower echelons of the so-called elite. They are at the bottom of the pyramid of knowledge, zombies, cannon meat. Any and all mention of conspiracy theory here is regarded with downright eye-rolling, and the source is immediately stigmatized as a loony nutbag.

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