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GPcover28Every major event in Human history has several fractal levels of truth and reason behind it.

Take 911, for instance.

Most people will have a hard time accepting the fact that it was an insider job, executed for the same reasons that Hitler burned the Reichstag in 1933 — to stir the public opinion and seize power in an atmosphere of chaos and fear. This is because 80% of world’s population get their news from centralized media agencies run by the very same cartels and people that orchestrated the event in the first place. Pre-programmed patriotism, lack of interest, materialism, and arrogant ignorance complete their picture of reality with long somber strokes.

From the point of view of the System, these people constitute the Herd — the very foundation and majority of our society today, or at least that’s how the system treats them.  The working class, the middle class, and the lower echelons of the so-called elite. They are at the bottom of the pyramid of knowledge, zombies, cannon meat. Any and all mention of conspiracy theory here is regarded with downright eye-rolling, and the source is immediately stigmatized as a loony nutbag.

At these levels of knowledge, the visible power is considered as absolute truth. President, freedom, lower taxes, and homeland security beset the centre stage. Corporations and cartels are simply a product of free market economy; nothing more, nothing less.

Those that have a slightly more open mind, free time for independent investigation, and vested interest in world’s affairs, understand that 911 was indeed an insider job. They saw the facts and the figures, they understand the clear motivations of Bush administration in orchestrating an event of such gruesome cruelty and gigantic proportions.

It opened the doors to Middle East oil and Afghan mineral deposits. It prompted the PATRIOT act, which stripped citizens of their liberties, while giving the government all legal tools, funding and opportunity to bound, harass and spy on its own people. It opened the Pandora box of infinite fear of terrorism and Arabs, allowing for a sweet opportunity to pass any act of war in congress, to unleash the resources until now stranded by the taxpayer opinion.

It also allowed the Fed to export surplus dollar mass into freshly-cooked warzones, in order to appease the growing domestic inflation.

Corporate systems that ran the US of A finally gained freedom of movement that they needed in order to inaugurate the much publicized and revered New World Order.

People in this «wiser» category understand all the latter facts to one degree or another. They know there is a government behind the government, the Conceptual Power that remains unseen and unknown to the general public, but which lingers clear and present, running its obscure roots hundreds of years into the past, back to the Knights Templar and maybe beyond. Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, and other Free Masons.

However, not all viewers at this level are able to connect the dots to an even more profound meaning hidden beneath the thick mantles of conspiracy theories and their respective debunking.

Which other reasons may there be at this point, one may ask..?

What if I were to tell you, that among all of the above, 911 was an act of sacrifice? The same type of sacrifice, as Hitler ruthlessly and methodically performed in his concentration camps, and administered on carefully chosen dates contained within the esoteric teachings of Ostara. That it was done for precisely the same reason he flooded the Berlin metro in 1945, killing thousands of innocent civilians and his own soldiers in the last desperate attempt to bribe the spirits and hold onto power.

Sounds crazy, right?

At this point, even the most liberal and open minds begin to look for the exit. They haven’t heard any facts or figures yet, but this whole occult nonsense is out of their league. It is outside their scope of objective understanding, for this simply cannot be true! It just cannot, period!

But the beat goes on…

At the next level of awareness, the Conceptual Power begins to take a whole new meaning. Its roots appear to spread deeper into the past, stretching all the way to Egyptian high priests and beyond, to the times our historians like to call the «Stone Age». Chosen bloodlines that have concealed esoteric knowledge from the rest of Humanity for thousands of years, and continue to do so today.

And yet there is more…

What if I were to tell you, that since thousands of years there exists a system built upon this planet to extract our — Human — potential for the benefit of an entity that is not entirely Human at the core? An intelligence that is larger, wiser and more wicked than any of us could ever fathom? What if I were to tell you that the Global Predictor indeed exists and guides our history since the dawn of man? That it feeds upon our fear, grief, anger, hatred, and sorrow like bacteria feed on a rotten corpse? That the very energy of our emotions can be harvested like we harvest UV rays on solar panels.

That the very notion of energy does not have to be limited to electric or nuclear. That in higher density planes, from which Predictor’s holographic matrix originates, energy of Human thought and emotion is just as valuable and potent, as the energy of a thousand suns down here, in the physical matter reality, where it simply has a lower frequency range? And that Predictor’s beloved gourmet dish is our fear.


Why fear? Because the morphogenetic blueprint of Human Spirit is built on two most basic emotions — fear and love, positive and negative, plus and minus. Love and fear are fundamental; hatred, anger, envy, greed and dozens of others are derivative…

What would I look like in your eyes then?

Where would you call to have me checked, and what kind of severe mental problems would you have me checked for, before locking me up and throwing away the only key?

Humanity’s problem is not only our ignorance and dogmatic thinking. We are not just stuck in belief boxes of parental guidance, religion, science, money and media. We WANT  to remain numb, deaf and blind to the larger truth, simply because what we don’t know can’t hurt us by definition.

Well, guess what? Sooner or later we will have to wake up and face the facts that have been staring us right in the face all along! The very truth that we so often choose to mock and deny for the sake of momentary peace of mind, behind barred windows and locked doors. As we consume our surrogate microwave dinners and down them with Prozac-laden cokes, like the Gulag prisoners consumed fluoridated water — to suppress the remaining  free will . As we soak in the outright lies of our leaders, and the violent brainless nonsense of our films, series and reality shows through the latest generation flat screen prisons of mind.

We refuse to connect the dots that beg for our attention; clear and present signs that spring up all over the planet, and grow by the day like mushrooms in the rain. Evident markers, that should indeed point us to the pure and simple truth that we have gone too far in our material psychosis that brings us closer to the very events, which the Ancient Wisdoms prophesized. The apocalypse of man — the dark end.

Apocalypse is not the end. The very meaning of this word has been misinterpreted for the same reasons, as all other major elements of this masked reality. It means «the lifting of the veil», the awakening. The very awakening that is going on right now in Japan, New Zealand, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Haiti, and everywhere else on this planet where masks begin to fall, stripping away the karmic chains that we’ve been forced to wear for thousands of years.

Fortunately for us, the system that has been feeding off our fear, ignorance and greed all throughout Humanity’s history is falling apart. It has reached a point of no return, and thus, agonizing, it attempts its final desperate maneuver to keep its power for one more day, one more hour, one more breath…

We can wait for the veil to fall by itself or prepare for its fall, and come one step closer to who we really are, who we have always been…

To discover the truth about our nature and purpose. To accept the impossible and look outside the box to a brand new world filled with infinite happiness and wonder. A world without fear, crime, hatred and denial. A world, in which the power of Human consciousness alone is enough to create everything we ever wanted right out of thin air. A world where we do not need oil, media and governments to guide our path. That we can shape our own future in a way we never thought possible, with powers that we were forced to forget. The power of beautiful Human mind.

To break out of karmic chains and remember that, which has been given to us by our TRUE creator — THE UNBOUNDED ONE.


That Real God resides not up above the clouds, combing his long white beard, punishing man for all his sins, and expecting our undivided and unconditional love towards him. That he does not have vicars and messengers, no brokerage houses with stars and crosses on golden domes. That he does not require our worship, sacrifice and prayer, which ultimately carries our energy away from us into emptiness, instead of directing it towards our own good, and the good of our children.


True Creator is a boundless ocean of Universal Consciousness, of which we are all a tiny droplet, and that resides in every single one of us beyond time, space and matter. He requires no gifts, sacrifices and prayers, but benevolently and gratuitously assists man in exploration of reality, in order to collect experience, knowledge and wisdom from as many different points of view, as ultimately possible to the Unbounded ONE, for he is infinitely curious, playful, witty, and giving to those that choose the path of light and wonder, instead of closing them with imposed belief. Those of us who open their eyes to a higher meaning and take a moment to read between the lines.

Those that dare to imagine for just a split second that they too exist beyond time and space, as part of an Eternal Trans-dimensional Singularity filled with love and devotion, on a timeless quest for celestial beauty and knowledge, so as to find the meaning of existence, and the balance within.

To realize that NOTHING in this world is impossible.

That we are pure unbounded consciousness, hallucinating material reality on a mission to discover, measure, describe and understand itself from all points of view that could ever be made.

As a wise man once said, ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes’. Hopefully, this book will help you with the latter task.

Human potential is much higher than we have been told. However, much like the strategy of any game, segregation of facts allows those that know the Larger Truth  to rule upon those that do not.

Religion is nothing but a pre-programmed time bomb utilized as a perfect tool of «divide and conquer» agenda, much like money, fear and natural resources.

All we need do is let the facts speak for themselves, and open our minds to the possibility that nothing we have been taught is in fact real. That the true nature of Human spirit lies outside the inflicted boundaries of Physical Matter Reality.

That we are simply visitors on this blue planet, inside this masterpiece dream, this illusion, this kindergarten of soul… That we are Gods!

It is only a matter of choice, interest, inner wisdom and free will.

OUR free will, or the lack thereof…

I have no name and no existing cure.
Like you, I wait for little but endure much,
I rest within your mind and heart impure
And savage everything your hands may touch.

I am whatever you may hold against yourself,
I am the thought that may have eaten thru you,
I am the book you never lay upon your shelf,
I am the one you always feared truly.

I am whatever left in you, that you can still betray,
And in your happiness I stay the only shadow,
I am the god to whom you never pray,
The Christ you’ll never taste the sweeter blood of.

Most sinful thoughts and deeds I like provoking,
On wings of hatred I beset my prey,
I feed upon emotions gone astray
From shallow love to agony evoking.

As you, I live not as I wish but as I can,
Unlike you, I will never meet my death,
For I live here and in every man
That ever walked this earth, on every human breath.

I am the darker side of every angel,
The higher ground, strangely, all of you have reached,
The hidden truth in all the learnings ever preached,
I turn the best of friends in simple strangers.

As life, I stay a tragedy for those who feel
And fantasize of finding real love,
That truly comes but never truly heals…
I am a comedy for those who think above.

I am a sickness as incurable as life,
And unlike love I am a game so often called by darkness,
I am what every husband gives to every cheating wife,
I am what makes all real hero gutless.

As said above, I do not have a cure,
Yet, now I think of it, I do possess a name,
I am your ignorance you often spend in vain,
Your ego that your friends have to endure.

I have said much, and yet I have said nothing,
I have a favor you I’d like to ask,
It may not seem like such a simple task,
But you must try to chase me into coffin.

You must attempt to let your love be stronger than your anger,
You must believe in friends and learn to compromise,
With many wisdoms in your life you’ll tango,
Not many of them you will find so wise.

Sometimes it’s better to be bent a little,
But never break and never see the end
Of bitter days that aren’t all that bitter,
Of magic days, that with your friends you spend.

Each man may make mistakes, For world was built upon them,
Just like a film may have a hundred takes,
Just like the sun and stars you’ll never go beyond now.
There is one love, there are a million fakes.

The life we live is only granted once,
But if you work it hard and love comes tough,
Your days wont pass as a forgetful glance,
Once isn’t long, and yet it is enough…

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